Frequently Asked Questions:

Our facility is located at Hutnicza 6 street, Katowice. In website tab “Location” you will find directions with which you will know how to reach us from 3 different directions.

Storage facilities and stored goods are well protected. Each room has a separate door, to which only the tenant holds the key. Access to the warehouse is controlled by an electronic system, and the whole are is secured by our night-watchmen and video surveillance cameras. Thanks to a special code, access to the building have only Róża Rent clients and persons authorized by our customers.
Stored goods do not threaten the mechanical damage. On the halls temperature is maintained at no lower than 17 degrees Celsius, in winter halls are heated. Regular disinfestation prevents the appearance of rodents and worms, storage hall are kept clean.
Additional protection of the goods is their insurance. In addition to the liability of our company and insurance against all risks it is also possible to conclude an individual insurance policy. The amount of insurance specifies the same tenant, and the insurance cost is added to the monthly rental invoice.
In short, self-service store is drier than the basement, warmer than garage and better protected than collective warehouses.

Terms and conditions
In our storage you cannot keep animals or plants, perishable food products, chemicals, toxic or flammable products and herbs. In Self Storage is not allowed to store antiques, works of art, jewelry and money. In addition, things kept in storage areas should be dry to prevent moisture.
It is possible to store liquids and cosmetics in sealed containers.
We enable storage of motorcycles and scooters after draining fuel.
After moving out and leaving the warehouse tenants are advised to remove from the unit any remains. If client decides to throw out a part of goods and equipment, we can show the trash container or arrange appropriate disposal.

From 2.5 m2 to 10 m2. Height of each unit is 2.75 m. Capacity of boxes can be checked with our spatial simulation

Minimum rental period is 7 days. The lease term is indefinite and depends on your needs. You can also enter into contracts for a specified period. Normally we use this opportunity when renting short term, eg. For a week or a month.

Please let us know two weeks before the planned move out in order to avoid extra payment if you have a contract for an indefinite period.

As a tenant, you have unlimited access to your belongings. Units are available 7 days a week around the clock, including office working hours from Monday to Friday 9-17. Office operation in alternative hours is possible after telephone contact.
The deadline for moving out does not necessarily coincide with office hours. Emptying of the unit can also be done in the afternoon and on weekends. Then please return the access card in the designated area in the hall. The notice period is two weeks (in the case of contracts for an indefinite period).

We need you to show us a valid ID (eg. An identity card, driving license or passport). Business customer is asked to provide company data.

We offer private units from 209,10 zł gross per month. In addition, we offer for you attractive promotions that make your storage costs even lower. Tell us what you want to store, and we will help you choose the most suitable surface.

The only cost of lease is a rent, regulated every month. With the signing of the agreement also a one-time refundable deposit is required to be paid. Additional charges are voluntary – rented unit should be locked with a key, the tenant can bring own padlock or buy one from us. Additional service is the insurance policy for kept stuff including furniture. The amount of insurance is declared by customer and the contribution is added in the monthly invoice.

We do not use any hidden fees or penalties for withdrawal. The notice period is 2 weeks, after the settlement of rent payment we return a deposit payment in cash or by bank transfer. It happens that at the customer’s request, deposit is used to settle the last month of the lease.