We offer to rent warehouse space and office space in a unique facility referring to the glorious traditions of Silesian architecture. This is another stage of investment that already has its own customers. The existing part is successfully operating for 5 years and is consisting of office space, flower market and Smak Róży restaurant.

Self Storage offered by us is the latest proposal – all those who use our services, we offer newly built storage units in a modern, insulated warehouse. This is a very attractive offer, which is used by customers from all over Silesia, not only from Katowice itself. Perfect location and trouble-free access from every part of the city and close proximity to the Murckowski junction or the DTŚ and A1 are just a few of their advantages.
Our warehouse rental space is also a valued logistics base of the highest quality. Units for rent are suitable both for private individuals who use them on a similar basis as a garage or a basement, as well as many companies that have their warehouses located on the property. The modern architecture and infrastructure of the warehouse it much easier to transport and load the stored goods, which has a positive impact on the organization of the supply.

The current construction phase allows individual adaptation of the infrastructure to the needs and requirements of customers. Our warehouse space for rent is a logistic base that is indispensable in any business and company. We encourage you to thoroughly read our offer and to take advantage of our services. Hoping for productive cooperation, Board and the Co-workers.


Warehouse – Warehouse area of 3600 m2 height 7.30 m, resistance class 120 minutes, high-class dust-free floor, large maneuvering area.
Offices – 18 office units, high standard finish. Each office has air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary facilities and a kitchenette.

Object advantages

Excellent location in the industrial and service district of Katowice, 2 km from the Murckowski junction, with easy access to other Silesian agglomeration, at the junction with the A4, A1 and DTŚ.
Free, spacious parking lots with places for cars and trucks,
On-site opportunity to use the services of the restaurant.

Office space

– ground floor 39 PLN/m2 + 12 PLN operating costs
– 1st floor 39 PLN/m2 + 12 PLN operating costs
– 2nd floor 39 PLN/m2 + 12 PLN operating costs

Storage space

– 16 PLN/m2 + 10 PLN operating costs

Components of operating costs:

– central heating
– service and inspection of the air conditioning and ventilation system
– warm and cold water
– discharging sanitary sewage and garbage disposal
– cleaning common areas
– parking lots
– property protection
– cleaning and clearing of parking lots
– current repairs and technical reviews of the facility
– maintenance of green areas around the facility