Róża Rent

Róża Rent is a modern units for rent, which are available to both individuals and companies or businesses. They were formed in 2015 at the unique facility with a rich history, whose installation in most ideally suited to the typical Silesian landscape, architecture referring to historic buildings.

In 2017, due to the growing interest of our clients, we doubled the space for rent. Today we can boast of 170 boxes in 5 different sizes. Units are located in the heated hall, which can be used around the clock. We provide total security for all our customers: the storage cells can only be accessed by them and those who will be authorized by our clients. Our mini store located in the heart of Upper Silesia has the perfect location – it is in fact in the center of Katowice, but away from the busiest routes and streets frequented by passers-by, making it easy to use.

Offered Self Storage is perfect not only during removals and for companies that need extra storage space: they can be used to store bicycles, ski equipment, winter or summer tires or other objects used by us seasonally, which unnecessarily clutter our houses and apartments.

What is self storage?

“Self storage” is a solution for storing your stuff in units with self-service access to the storage area 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And all this in a safe and comfortable conditions!

The idea of Self Storage enjoys great popularity in the United States. On our continent, storage-related services for a wide range of clients are relatively new concept, which from year to year becomes more and more popular. Self storage warehouses are an excellent alternative to garages and basements.

The Silesian Agglomeration is the only place in Poland, where cross the main transit routes East – West and North – South. Dynamically developing Katowice city can boast of now the first self storage warehouse.

We stand out:

Fire safety
Access control system
Access 24/7
Entrance by car to the warehouse
Large car park in front of the warehouse
Perfect temperature and humidity throughout the year
Access to electricity
Hygienic and sanitary facilities
Mapa lokalizacji Róża Rent

Any questions?

Please call or write: +48 697 541 216 radoslaw.manka@rozarent.pl


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ul. Hutnicza 6,
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